The Un-Merry Millennial: On the Verge of Extinction

I woke up in a towel on my bed. Usually, the first question I would ask myself when things like this happened in my 20's was "What happened?" followed by "How did I get here?", but last night I knew exactly what happened and exactly how I got there. Which was a relief. It was midnight. There was no stranger in bed next to me, just a dog snoring loudly. No dried puke in my hair. Oddly, no pounding headache. I had some missed calls and texts wondering "wya".

Earlier in the day, I had gone down to the pool in my apartment complex. I had saddled up pool-side in to what has been dubbed apparently as "my spot" in the corner. I do find a lounger chair and stick to it, if i can help it. Although, I'm not so set in my ways that I can't be flexible and find another one in case someone has beat me to the punch. I actually didn't know until yesterday everyone's apartments looking down on the pool had dubbed it my spot, but i'll take it. I had brought some wine to share with a neighbor and figured I would enjoy most of the day hanging out and anticipating some new meet and greets. (Those of you who have lived or do live in apartments buildings are aware of the pool culture. You learn a lot down here). So as the day went on I somehow made my way down the length of the pool talking and drinking with new neighbors. Some were grilling. Some were celebrating the Easter holiday and some were just arriving later in the afternoon. Food always seems to draw a crowd.

Our building is quite new, so basically we are all new tenants with new stories and backgrounds to tell each other. It feels oddly like college, just coupled up, with the occasional loner like me. Most of the tenants are even in their 20's. Not many elder millennials in their mid 30's. Most are in the creative space, tech space, hustlin' out there making it happen and on a very big social media scale. Everyone wants to be an influencer, but some of them have really done well for themselves. (more on that later) As we partied the day away, shots were flowin' (unfortunately no Akon this time like in my book), and you would assume the day drinking/dusk drinking would end and all would be well. However, there was talk about a mansion party. Something happened to me y'all because my 17 year old self took over and was like, omg I'm getting invited to a party in Calabasas like a Kardashian, and i was never allowed to go to parties in high school (forgetting i went to so many in college) and this is a treat! I cannot tell you all why i am like this. I have been to Hollywood parties at the Cannes Film Festival. I have been to Yacht parties, but for some reason last night, i felt like i really needed to go to this fun party with my younger "dorm mates". So, we all made a plan to meet up later after naps and head out. Well.... i napped...napped myself into extinction. Knowing at 34 years old that you just can't hang anymore like you used to makes you question your own level of "coolness". Let me explain...

It's not about how much you drink or if you smoke weed to make you seem more cool. As a millennial, I know my level of alcohol that is too much. I rarely hit it and if i do, i know I will suffer for a couple of days. However, I can have just as much fun hanging with the right type of people without it. I can say no to another shot and not feel "uncool." Where i feel pressure or "on the verge of extinction" is keeping up with the social/tech aspects of life. Do you feel that way as an older millennial? Over the age of 30? More like mid 30's? It's hard enough to master instagram, twitter, snapchat (if that's even a thing) and to truly understand all their algorithms and marketing strategies, but to throw in TikTok, start your own YouTube channel for your side hustle, work your regular job, maintain your romantic relationship, keep up your fitness routine, walk your dog, call your parents, catch up on whatever new series dropped on Netflix.... I mean it's exhausting. It's not like Gen X or Boomers. There wasn't all this pressure to have #1 your social life on social media and #2 the fact you can make legit money off of it. How do you stand out? How can you be more special that the other person? The Gen Z'ers. They were born for this. They have spent every waking moment online. They get it. You know what we know how to do? Cut paper straight without using scissors. You see, you fold the piece of paper in half, you lick the crease, then you fold it back the other way and then you slowly rip the piece of paper apart at the crease. You know what else we know how to do? Write a check properly. We also know how to sell the shit out of some lemonade and make a profit.

I know we have it in us, millennials, to be relevant. To feel relevant. We aren't dinosaurs. We aren't extinct. Even if some days we wonder why we don't feel like the popular kid in school. Maybe we never were, and that's ok. Because sometimes the trendy thing isn't always the likable thing. Sometimes the "Mosaic" way to go about it (you know that thing you had to do in art class that always required a signature from your parents because you were going to be smashing glass and shit) is the unique way. Sometimes the broken pieces make something beautiful. Look out for the different pieces in your life and try and glue those together to find something worthy of sharing.

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