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The Divorce Case
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The Divorce Case is a monthly subscription "case" + online column + exclusive online community for women in all stages of divorce.


I created The Divorce Case because I remember what it was like when I was going through a divorce. I remember wishing I had certain things readily available when I was feeling sad and alone. Majority of people don't realize that divorce can suck the life out of someone so trips to the store can even be a big deal. These items that i've hand selected for the subscription box (hand cream, bath salts, food items etc) all have a purpose behind them and I describe it in a note each month to these ladies. The column that I write and the exclusive online community (D-Deck) that is offered to these women is meant to help them along their personal journey. It is easy to shut yourself off from the real world once your work day is over. Friends and family can sometimes have a hard time understanding the emotional distress you may be under, but I'm here to relate and share humorous, educational and uplifting information throughout this journey. I look forward to hearing their stories each step of the way.

Media: CBSWe Are Austin 

ABC California Life

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